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How We Do It - The Process We make a difference to the people we work with in two main ways. We improve people’s posture and bio-mechanics (the way people move) to reduce their daily wear and tear whilst at the same time, we measure how well a person’s brain is communicating with their 50 thousand billion cells of the body. In truth, nobody knows how the body fixes itself. Sure, we can use thousands of Greco-Latin words to describe the processes and make us sound way cleverer than we actually are, but in honesty, no one knows how it works. What we do know, is that when you disconnect a cell, organ or muscle from the brain, it dies. It’s really important to make sure you have a healthy connection between the brain and the rest of your body. Any impairment of communication between your brain and your body will result in diminished responses and a reduced capacity to heal. Think of your brain as a tap, your nerves as hosepipes and the electrical activity your brain sends through he nerves as water. If there is a kink in the hosepipe or someone is standing on the hosepipe, the output of water at the end of the hose will drop or even be cut off completely. If this happens, your garden doesn’t get the water it needs and your garden dies. It’s the same with the brain and the body. We thoroughly test how your nervous system is functioning and make sure that your brain and body have crystal clear communication. If we find any kinks in your hosepipes, we remove them and retest to make sure it’s working properly. This ensures that your ability to heal is running at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The other component of what we do is to analyse people’s biomechanics, or in other words, how people move. Nobody teaches you how to move. You are just left to develop your own techniques as a child, usually before consciousness and if you are lucky you will have efficient movement programmes. In reality, most people have adapted to a sedentary culture and move with gross imbalances. Our role is to move you towards as efficient movement as possible in order to reduce your wear and tear and this is measured using photographic images as well as video analysis to see monitor progression. Back to the hosepipes again, if your posture of or habit of moving is causing a compression of a nerve, we teach you what to do to prevent you from re-kinking your hosepipes to ensure your healing process runs smoothly. In short, we test and measure how you move and how you heal and all techniques serve the purpose of keeping your repair mechanisms working faster and better than your level of wear and tear. This then allows your body to heal itself, whether it Is a muscle, ligament, bone, gland or organ.